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Truck driving can be a great career, but being on the road all the time can get crazy. You still want a life, right?

Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) is different. We are a private, family-owned and -operated carrier and we haul our own freight. That means we can provide you with the home time you deserve. 

We guarantee you’ll be home two days each week. Plus, you’ll usually know your entire route and the day you’ll be back home before you hit the road.

Round-Trip Dispatch

All of our runs are round-trip regional dispatch, so you won’t suffer through long layovers. Because you’ll know your entire route and the day you’ll be getting back home, you will have the security of knowing you’ll be logging lots of miles and earning good money each week. 

Your Dispatch Team

You will work with the same dispatch specialist on all of your runs. Our dispatchers pride themselves on developing a personal relationship with our drivers. They are sensitive to your needs, and ready and willing to help schedule around important family events whenever possible.

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[The dispatch team] doesn’t micromanage… As long as I am making my appointment times and driving legally, I won’t hear from them aside from getting my driving instructions.


Driver Trainer

Discover a Welcoming Driver Lifestyle

You’ve probably heard stories about drivers who have worked for companies and never saw their bosses the entire time they worked there. At DTI, we believe in treating every employee with respect. We believe in an open door policy where, at every level of the company, there’s someone ready and willing to hear your suggestions or concerns.

Never Just a Number

You will never be just a number at DTI. Your managers and dispatchers will know your name. They will make an effort to get to know what is important to you. 

DTI also has activities throughout the year ranging from picnics to holiday parties—all to encourage a strong relationship between you, your family, the company, and your DTI team. 

Curious to know what life is like on the road with DTI?

Check out this video to see a typical day of a no-touch delivery driver and a traditional delivery driver.

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