Driving School Programs

Dot Transportation employs many of the best drivers on the road – and has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.  We actively recruit nationwide at accredited truck driving schools.

Dot Transportation reimburses new hires for truck driver training tuition, if the schooling has been completed within the last 3 years at a Dot-approved institution. DTI will reimburse tuition after 90 days of employment, over a 3-year time period. Maximum out-of-pocket reimbursement is $7,000.

Once employed, you will find that DTI has one of the best finishing programs in the industry. Student drivers are compensated $750 per week of orientation and training. Drivers with over 200,000 miles of confirmed experience are compensated $1,000 per week of orientation and training. All drivers take at least one week of DTI training classes. Students receive up to 8 weeks of training on the road with one of our hand-picked, professional trainers.

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