It’s almost time to “fall back” as they say, and turn the clocks back an hour (in most parts of the country.) Managing your schedule around this and across time zones can pose a challenge when you’re on the road.

Trucker Classifieds suggests sticking to your home time zone, no matter where you are. And, regardless of how you manage it, you may have to sleep when it’s light and/or drive when it’s dark. Here are some tips for helping your body know when to sleep or stay awake.

Getting to sleep

  • Use a dark shade on your cab windows
  • Keep lights off as much as possible
  • Don’t use screens like a laptop, tablet, TV, or smartphone

Staying awake

  • A lightbox in your rig will help you get moving
  • Visit a truck stop—they are always well lit

We hope you catch some quality zzzs!

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