Gen-Z—people born after 1996—are starting to enter their adult lives at a time when things couldn’t be more uncertain. Most Gen-Z-ers are just graduating from high school and college, and are trying to navigate the first steps in their adult careers.

One career option we think anyone who identifies as a part of Gen-Z should consider? Truck driving. 

Why Become a Professional Truck Driver?

1. You can be making $80K+ by the time your friends are graduating from college

If you were to start your trucking career today with Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) as a full-time traditional customer delivery specialist (CDS) instead of starting college, you would have the opportunity to be earning over $80K four years from now. 

2. You won’t get bogged down by college debt

On top of great pay and benefits, you wouldn’t be bogged down with student debt as a professional driver. Especially if you attend a Dot-approved driving school and sign up for Dot’s tuition reimbursement program.

3. You don’t have to give up on the idea of having a career

Just because you don’t want to go to college doesn’t mean you won’t have a successful, fulfilling career. At DTI, we have dozens of drivers who have logged millions of miles with us and have even more drivers who have been professional truck drivers for decades

4.  You can still find opportunities for advancement into management positions

Still want to have the opportunity to grow into a manager role? You can find that in the trucking industry! Whether you want to be a driver trainer and still be on the road, or move into an office role, such as a transportation manager, you can find your perfect place. 

5. There’s a freedom and a challenge that a desk job cannot provide

A lot of drivers say it’s “love at first drive” when they first get behind the wheel of a semi-truck. For others, it takes some time and convincing. But they all turn around and say the job is challenging and rewarding—two things they were looking for in a career.

6. There are a lot of job and schedule options for you to choose from

When most people think of a professional truck driver, they think of someone who is gone on the road for weeks at a time. If you drive for Dot, that is not the case. 

We offer regional driving positions that get our drivers home multiple days each week. We also provide a variety of schedule options that can help you customize your life and find some work/life balance

For example, 4×4 Driver Woody loves his schedule because he is home for four days in a row and then on the road for four days. He finds this schedule lets him enjoy life with friends and family, while also making a good living. 

Overall, discovering a career in transportation has been life-changing for many of our drivers. Will you be next? 


Ready to join the DTI team and start your career as a professional driver?